About me


I fell in love with space when I was thirteen, after going to a talk by a Canadian Space Agency scientist on life support systems for long-duration space missions. Before that, my knowledge of space came primarily from the Blue's Clues planets song. But after? I wanted to learn everything. I wanted to learn things that nobody knew yet: things about Mars, about Europa, about exoplanets. That talk pushed me down the slippery slope of science, and I haven't been able to get the universe off my mind since.

I study physics and astronomy at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, although my particular interest is in planetary science. My past research work has involved the development of a detection pipeline for Kuiper belt objects as a research assistant at Western University in London, Ontario. This fall, I will be working as an instrumentation and early galaxies research assistant at Dalhousie University.


Besides space, my other love is programming. My language of choice is Python, but I also have varying levels of experience with C++, MATLAB, VBA, SQL, HTML and CSS. Programming is as much of an art as painting or sculpting: you start with some basic tools and unleash your creativity to make something brand new.

I also love to read and write, and I am pursuing an English minor with my degree. I enjoy theatre and over the years I've been involved with it in a variety of capacities: My summer job as a teenager was working in a theatre box office; I've ushered; I've scriptwritten; I've acted; I've designed sets and costumes; I've been part of a stage management team; and I've watched more plays and musicals than I can count.